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You can download the poster by clicking on Download button. Poster may get revised periodically.


WARNING: Please open the file with Photos hop program, then proceed by opening the closed layer. It’s processed as one layer because of security reasons. For detailed information and vectoral file, please contact us.


File size: 4 MB (You can optimize it according to your preference.)


Dimension: 20 cm width * 30 cm height


Availability for printing uses: Yes (CMYK)


(Please contact us for a high quality file for printing uses.)


İndir butonuna tıklayarak görseli indirebilirsiniz. Sitenizde kullanmak için yönlendireceğiniz adres “https://petfuari.com/antalya/” olmalıdır.

Dosya boyutu: 0.9MB (İsteğinize göre optimize edebilirsiniz.)

Genişlik ve Yükseklik: 300x300px


Press release is prepared. You can download it here soon.