Why Petzoo Antalya?

PETZOO is organized to build an efficient and effective commercial platform, which lets sectoral companies to expand world wide and establish international connections.

Companies accessibilities to target markets are eased with contribution of international cooperations and promotions of the exhibition itself. For the very reason, PETZOO has the speciality as an investment in sectors future by gathering domestic and international representatives of pet sector.


PETZOO Antalya exhibition becomes more important to attend, when it comes to market growth, finding new customes and gathering all sector representatives.


Meeting of last consumers with Professional products, exploration of marketable products by retailers and e-commerces is beneficial to help to increase product range and varieties.


As one of the flourishing sectors worldwide; pet sector is also targeted to be grown more and faster at the Mediterranean continent by locating Antalya as its center.


PETZOO has directed the sector with more than 182.745 visitors in last 7 years in domestic and international arena.

Antalya Airport is one of the biggest airports in Europe within top 15 and have had %21 annual growth percentage in terms of international passengers, which made it #1 in this aspect

Why to attend PETZOO Antalya?
Opportunity to test possible prices in the market and measure reactions of market.
Gaining new customers in short and long period.
Supporting of branding process of companies and building brand perceptions
Helping to save existing customers and sales
Assuring confidence to customers
Providing prestige
Helping to follow new innovations of competitors
Opportunity to compare existed products with alternative ones.
Helping to find new distribution channels and dealers.
Supporting to get new inquiries and orders
Introduction opportunity of new innovations.