General Terms & Conditions

Visual and audial shows have to be performed within stand space, not flooded out of stand space. Sound volume should not exceed 45 dB level at 1 meter distance of stand, most distant. In case of exceeding of volume level, exhibitor company is warned twice and the electricity gets cut-off by organizer if the volume doesn’t become at appropriate level. Getting back of electricity is under organizers initiative.


Venue and Shell scheme stands are handed over 1 day before the exhibition, at 09:00 am. Exhibitors have to tidy and make ready their stands before opening day.


Venue is insured by financial liability insurance for the third persons. This insurance doesn’t provide insurance for stolen materials of exhibitors, stolen products of exhibitors and stolen personal stuffs of exhibitors attendees. That responsibility belongs to exhibitors only. This is why, insurance of exhibitors and their materials is suggested to be done on their own.


Stands have to be empty and disassembled until 12:00 following day of exhibition end. Ulusal Fairs may exhibitor’s materials get out of venue without warning, if exhibitor fails to do it. In that case all losses and costs are under exhibitor’s responsibility.


Showcasing and sales of social animals such cats and dogs are prohibited. In case of disobeying the rule, exhibitors may be taken off the venue and have no right to claim. On stands, having present of owned pets of exhibitors without ID is under exhibitors responsibility. Entrance of holdable cats and dogs are under the initiative of organizer. Pets without ID or dangerous pets are forbidden to let in. During exhibition days when the exhibition is open, sales are forbidden apart from Sunday, the last day of exhibition.